Our Team

David Ebrahimzadeh

President, Corniche Capital

David Ebrahimzadeh, a respected real estate and private equity investor, is the founder of Corniche Capital. The company is involved with investments in commercial, multifamily, and international real estate as well as private equity funding. David is skilled in many aspects of investment, making him an excellent role model for younger and inexperienced entrepreneurs.

Early Career

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh’s family was involved in real estate investment, so he had the opportunity to become conversant with the business at a young age. From the beginning of his career in real estate, he has had an eye for a good deal that will produce a great deal of profit.
David attended college and pursued real estate finance before founding Corniche Capital. The company was started as a real estate investment firm and later moved into private equity investment.

Focus Areas

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh has two focus areas: real estate investment and private equity funding. While these focus areas are vastly different, some of the essential principles of successful ownership are similar. Mr. Ebrahimzadeh is an expert in both areas, leading his company to a high level of success.

Real Estate Investment

Corniche Capital has built an impressive portfolio of real estate, focusing on properties that had distressed debt. Rather than giving up on these properties, David put money into them and turned them around as profitable investments.

Different Aspects of Real Estate

In the real estate domain, Corniche Capital is focused on commercial, multifamily, and international properties. These properties have impressive growth potential and the ability to turn around great profits if they are carefully chosen and managed.
The multifamily real estate market has been particularly active over the past few years, as the single-family housing inventory has dipped, and more people are interested in renting. Luxury rentals are a growing part of the industry, appealing to young professionals who are saving for a home or don’t want to deal with the pressures of homeownership.
When it comes to commercial real estate, David Ebrahimzadeh invests widely, from retail to industrial projects. He also makes multifamily and commercial real estate purchases in other countries.

International Real Estate

David Ebrahimzadeh’s international portfolio is enhanced by his knowledge of many countries and cultures around the world. With a cosmopolitan world view, he is able to communicate with local property owners and investors. Knowledge of each country’s tax and real estate laws is also a must when dealing with international real estate, and Ebrahimzadeh is skilled in this area.

Private Equity Investments

Another important aspect of Mr. Ebrahimzadeh’s work with Corniche Capital is his expertise in the world of private equity investment. Private equity firms put cash into established companies that are in need, either due to an upcoming expansion or a period of distress.
Companies that seek out private equity funding are generally prepared to hand over part of the control of their enterprise to the private equity firm. This means that Corniche Capital has not only an ownership stake in these companies, but that it is involved in providing business advice to struggling firms.
Mr. Ebrahimzadeh focuses his investments on fields like mining, logistics, manufacturing, and distribution. All of these business categories allow for expansive growth if the firms are well-managed. With Corniche Capital’s help, many companies have been able to turn their operations around and return to a profitable state.

Business Wisdom

David Ebrahimzadeh’s career carries many lessons for younger entrepreneurs. While he is not able to mentor entrepreneurs individually at this time, he hopes that these lessons will help them bring their companies to profitability.
The first lesson that David wants to impart to young entrepreneurs is that they must meet business challenges calmly. Getting too emotionally wrapped up in their companies’ fortunes will only lead to confusion and poor decisions. Approaching business decisions from a level-headed and data-driven mindset will create profit.
The second lesson is that entrepreneurs should always follow their passions. David himself always had a strong interest in real estate, and he knew that he would be able to turn this interest into a profitable career.

Encouraging Business Success

Through his work in real estate investment and private equity funding, Mr. Ebrahimzadeh helps others achieve their business goals while making a profit for his company. Corniche Capital is ready to work with qualified companies and real estate owners who are prepared to make changes to the way they operate.

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